Cash Machines 2.0 – Progress Update

Cash Machines 2.0 Review –

Findings after testing for 4 days by Wall Jones.  Wall has been a supporter of the Cash Machines Program from day one.  Here is his take on how things work.

Wall here, and as promised here is my review. Now, I’m going to do things differently than your usual over-hyped blog post that regurgitates the JV page to you.

I’m going to give you my evidence, results and then I will provide more about the product, so here goes!

Below is my confirmation email – as you can see I got access on the June 26 so I’ve been testing for around 5 days now – (removed order number so you can’t steal my copy)

Cash Machines 2.0

So what is “Cash Machines 2?”

Basically you get a bunch of web based software, the main one being an Amazon affiliate site builder and creator...

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